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October, 2019

In January, 2018 my life was about to completely change for the better. I was living in California, and I knew it was finally time for me to follow my heart and make the career change abroad that I was dreaming about. I wanted to study in Europe for the TEFL/TESOL, but the question was where? How does one narrow it down with so many exceptional cities and options! 

Then…I spotted Leipzig. Let’s be honest, who has heard of this city? I never had ~ and yet it caught my attention right away. Its not far from Berlin. Leipzig is located near Dresden (a gorgeous city) and a day trip from there. It filled me with incredible surprise with its charm, cool vibe, and artistic scene. There are many international people from all over in Leipzig, and it felt like a big community of all ages. The buildings are really stunning with older architecture. 

It is absolutely walkable, and the public transportation gets you anywhere in the city. One of the most fascinating things to see was almost everyone was riding a bike! In the freezing mornings, I would see parents with their kids on bikes riding to school and work. They were smiling and laughing! 



I stayed with a kind German woman through Airbnb. She spoke no English, so I got to teach her a bit. It was a lovely exchange of learning more about the German culture as well. The town square, and shopping area, was my favorite with various cultural activities and shops. It felt very old world. 

Though, it was really cold in the winter; it also provided a quiet environment to study well. The school at Lingua is amazing ~ and I was the only student in the class that month. It ended up being a blessing, because the teachers truly gave me one-on-one attention. Peter, Jacob, and Stephanie are amazing trainers. They are not only professional, but they truly became my friends. 

The course provided me with real opportunities to teach students weekly. I prepared my own lessons as well. The course was intense, yet enjoyable. It challenged me in the best ways to grow and become better. The trainers gave me great tips on how to improve, and they also gave positive feedback on the things I did well. It helped to excellently prepare me for a teaching job. 


You may want to travel, make a career change, or just learn in a different culture. I say, “Go for it!” 

Where you study is not necessarily where you need to stay and live. I am proof of it. The world is an open book for you to explore with your TEFL/TESOL certificate! Yet, I would not change a thing about choosing Leipzig. It is a fantastic place with a solid program. Honestly, what matters most is choosing a location which has great trainers and supports you through the entire TEFL/TESOL experience. The Lingua school in Leipzig is well balanced and prepares you for the real world of teaching English in a few weeks. I truly recommend it. 

For several years, I worked with children. I was looking for a way to continue to work with them in an overseas capacity. Teaching English made (makes) so much sense. Parents want their kids to know the language well. 

As I was going through the course, I really thought Germany was where I would stay. At the same time, I kept all options open! I had lived in the Middle East for a few years doing other work, and I thought about going back there, too. It really boiled down to the contract and pay. I knew that I wanted a full time job with a contract. As the course was coming to a close, I still had no firm findings if Germany, or Europe, was the place for me to be at the time. 

After, the course was over…I traveled for a few weeks to Prague, Hungary, and Romania. As I traveled along, I started to apply for jobs. Lo and behold, there was a job description in Japan which perfectly fit my skill set. Immediately, there was a zing in my gut to go for it! A few days later, I interviewed over video chat in Budapest; and I got the job!

Today, I live in beautiful Japan ~ teaching the smartest, and cutest, Japanese Kindergarten class at an international school. Everything fell into place since the moment of saying, “Yes!”

Yes…to taking the risk to study abroad in beautiful Leipzig. Yes…to trusting, and remaining, open that the right doors would be open to me. My heart smiles when I recount this journey. It was the best investment I have made career wise. It fills me with postive happiness each day when I walk into the classroom to teach children subjects in English.

The best advice I can offer is do your homework. What kind of environments do you value? What are your top priorities for your teaching career? Do you enjoy teaching adults or children? They are very different.

Believe in yourself, and you can change the world! By investing in getting the TEFL/TESOL internationally, you are not only expanding your life…but the lives of all those who need your knowledge of the English language to build better lives and make their dreams come true.


Jaime Kersnason

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