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April, 2019

Teaching English online is fast becoming a lucrative option for English teachers all over the world looking for flexibility and independence. The growing demand from China has fueled this boom. The ever-increasing speed and stability of the world’s Internet connections have also made online teaching more accessible and affordable.

There are many companies that hire teachers for online work, though the three most well known are VIPKID, Qkid and EF-Education First. All reputable companies that hire online teachers require a teaching certificate, such as our 120-hour TESOL course based in Leipzig, Germany.


Here are the general requirements for getting a job online.

• Native or near native speaker of English
• Quiet area for classes
• Fast internet connection
• Webcam and microphone
• A TESOL certificate
• Being passionate and enthusiastic about teaching English

Things that make it easier, but aren’t mandatory are as follows.

• You come from the UK, US or Canada
• A university degree

“The growing demand from China has fueled this online teaching boom.”

Typical conditions

No previous experience is required, but it helps if you have worked with younger children before. Most classes are with children between 5 and 10 years old and are one-on-one classes, which last between twenty and thirty minutes. Hourly pay varies, but is usually between $10-$22 US dollars depending on experience and the company.

Many companies offer bonuses for completing courses, student renewals and signing up new teachers, which is added one to the hourly, or half hourly, rate. This can boost your earnings substantially. Your remuneration also depends on how many hours, you get and this will start off slowly until you build your reputation.


Overall, teaching online has its merits, and allows teachers a lot of flexibility in their work hours. The downside is that the hours can sometimes be unsociable with the time difference, depending on where you live in relation to Asia.



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